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Welcome to

This is a webpage built and maintained by Genos


[edit] What is the purpose of this web

This is a web about free software, and specifically about free software projects sponsored by Genos. We promote a community development model and collaboration between developers and companies as the best model to build the best software tools.

Genos is a specialized company providing free software services to its clients, and therefore companies are the the main target of the software published in this web. This doesn't mean that it's closed to other targets, but Genos is orientated to this public.

If you are promoting a free software project and you think Genos can help you, contact us. We're open to whatever kind of collaboration and new relations.

[edit] Projects

  • GMF: a platform to implement ITIL recomendations
  • mod_auth_user_dir: a module for Apache 2 to create private user folders under WebDAV

[edit] Other resources

[edit] About this web

This web is powered by MediaWiki and it's organized as a Wiki.

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