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[edit] What is GMF

GMF is a free software project distributed under the GPL (GNU Public License). It provides a general framework to manage contents going a step further of traditional CMS which are built thinking about content publishing. The idea is to make it easy to upload information to be shared between members of a work group and simplify the creation of workflows.

For the IT departments, one of GMF main goals is the complete implementation of the ITIL specification. A lot of work has been done towards this objective, and it will have components for:

   - Incident management (AKA Trouble ticket or Helpdesk)
   - Inventory or CMDB
   - Change management
   - Problem management
   - SLA reports

Genos participates actively in the design and development, but it's not a closed project. We encourage a community driven development model and therefore the project is open to all those developers and users interested on.

Quick useful links: Announcements, Roadmap, GMF file releases, User Manuals, Install instructions

[edit] The platform

GMF is an application developed in Java, executed as a servlet in a Tomcat server. Hopefully it could be used in other Java application servers, but this has not been tested.

Users and groups are stored in a LDAP directory managed by OpenLDAP, and it should work with other standard LDAP servers. It's also possible to integrate it against Active Directory and use the domain users and groups in the application. The idea is to build a general authentication backend and make GMF work with users and groups stored in multiple backends (like LDAP, SQL or XML files), but no work has been done in this area yet.

Information is managed by what we called resources. These resources use a MySQL database as storage system. Migration to other database engines with JDBC drivers available should have to be easy, but no other than MySQL has been tested.

Eclipse is used for development. It provides a good integration with Tomcat allowing step-by-step debugging.

Linux is used in all development and production servers. Some attempts have been done to make it work with Tomcat under Windows, but there are no successful reports. The Roadmap includes official support for Windows in future releases.

[edit] Downloading and installing

GMF can be downloaded from GMF file releases

Installing GMF can be tricky. Read carefully the following Install instructions.

You may want to read also the available User Manuals.

[edit] Online demo

You can visit the online demo to see it in action or you can download the vmware image to run it locally.

[edit] Problems and suggestions

Software is not bug-free, and it's impossible to imagine all the functionality users are expecting without a proper feedback. This is why we encourage you to contact the GMF team through the Sourceforge forums to report bugs, make suggestions, or just provide feedback.

[edit] Collaborating with the project

Collaboration page gives details about how to actively participate in the development of the project.

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